Our Heritage

Maynard HoRobert Williamson (Grandfather)use lies in the heart of Suffolk, where the soil is just right for growing small and intensely flavoured fruit. We have been raising apples since our grandfather Robert returned from New Zealand back in 1934 with the first Kidd's Orange Red saplings ever to reach the UK.

In 1992 Maynard House Orchards realised the potential our small Suffolk apples had for producing uniquely intense and complex tasting juices. And so Maynard House apple juice and the Williamson family merged operations, with Clive Williamson now running the business and pressing operation in our purpose-built facility in the orchards. His brother Paul grows the apples on the farm, as well as pears, strawberries, raspberries and christmas trees.
Please take a look at our range and try a flavour or two to appreciate the diversity of apple varieties.

We also produce apple blends using our raspberries and elderflowers, which grow wild in the hedgerows around the orchards.

Last but not least, we sell two very special imported juices. A rich and refreshing Orange and Clementine from our friends in Valencia, and a luxurious Vine Tomato juice from the Isle of Wight.

Our purely apple juices are:

  • Cox & Bramley: Sweet then crisp
  • Egremont Russet: Rich and nutty
  • Discovery: Light and refreshing
  • Kidd's Orange Red: Rich and sweet
  • Cox's Orange Pippin: Sweet and honeyed
  • Bramley: Crisp and sharp