Tasting notes

Cox & Bramley

Sweet then crisp. A balance of sweet aromatic Cox followed by the drier, slightly sharp Bramley gives a clean, refreshing finish.

Egremont Russet

Rich & nutty. A distinctive flavour, the English Russet is sweet and suggestive of smoky bonfires and autumn leaves.


Light & refreshing. Sweet, juicy and crisp, this early apple has unexpected hints of strawberries. Discovery originates only 5 miles from our farm.

Kidd's Orange Red

Rich & sweet. This apple has the complex aromatic qualities of a Cox with the scented flavour of Red Delicious. An intense apple taste.

Cox's Orange Pippin

Sweet & honeyed. Quintessential British, Cox is a benchmark in flavour for apples. A superb balance of sweet and tart with a honey taste.


Crisp & sharp. An intense apple flavour with an unrivalled sharp taste, an English orchard favourite.

Apple & Raspberry

Vibrant & fruity. A light, fresh pairing of pure apple with the tartness of English raspberries.

Apple & Elderflower

Aromatic & refreshing. This fragrant apple juice has subtle aromatic notes of elderflower plucked from hedgerows around our farm.

Orange & Clementine

Sweet & tangy. This dual flavoured drink combines vibrant, tangy Valencian Clementines with supremely sweet Valencian oranges.

Vine Tomato Juice

Rich & fruity. A sun-ripened, full bodied mellow flavour straight from the vine, with a wholesome savoury goodness.